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Central Consulting & Contracting specializes in healthcare design and construction and represents the healthcare construction branch of the Traina Companies family. 

With 35 years working in the field, Central has completed hundreds of projects ranging from hospitals units and nursing facilities, to ICUs and temporary medical units. The company leverages a robust team of architects, engineers, and consultants to serve as designers, contractors and managers for a full-service construction experience. 


Rapid Construction for COVID-19 Response

Proper medical facilities are crucial to enabling healthcare teams to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has stressed hospitals beyond capacity. 

ModularMD, a joint venture between Central and modular design-build firm Deluxe Modular, was conceived as a means to combine Central’s decades of experience in the healthcare space with Deluxe’s innovative modular fabrication processes to create an all-in-one solution for medical construction that is faster and more cost effective. 

In today’s climate, ModularMD is well-positioned to provide the modular medical facilities necessary to meet the current health crisis with a production capacity to build 300 patient beds per month.





Let's Fight COVID-19 Together

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