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The Traina Companies (“Tco”) is an opportunistic development and investment firm specializing in real estate, travel and hospitality. 

The New York City and South Florida-based boutique family office, with its roots and focus on real estate development and construction, has also emerged as a leader in the ever-growing travel-technology industry. 

Under The Tco umbrella, Traina Development Group is a full-service real estate investment and development subsidiary that owns and operates properties throughout the United States. In addition to developing assets for its own account, Traina Development Group also works as a Developer for a fee to manage all facets of any real estate project for clients, particularly in the healthcares sector where we become an extension to the healthcare leadership teams in both for-profit entities as well as 501(c)3’s and other non-profit entities.

Traina Development Group has access to some of the most talented professionals across multiple industries/sectors in the field, as well as industry-specific resources. Whether acquisition and development, operational management and turn-arounds, securing capital/financial resources, project/property management, or award-winning design and construction, Tco is a one-stop shop for all strategic investment decisions within the real estate industry.

The TCo story is one of fostering bold and innovative ideas. Under the TCo umbrella, InTravel Partners owns and controls cutting-edge travel outfits that have grown exponentially amid a dramatic shift from traditional travel to internet-based bookings. These subsidiaries account for $1 billion in global travel sales annually, with more than 50,000 agents/members in 32-plus countries. InTravel Partners is constantly seeking new investments, or Acquisitions & Mergers that will enhance its existing portfolio and adapt with the ever changing Travel Industries. 

That the entire TCo organization remains highly competitive and eager to accept new and ambitious challenges is due in large part to the leadership of Chairman and CEO Joe Traina, a savvy and experienced real estate investor and developer, who founded the company more than three decades ago. Mr. Traina has long been considered a "disrupter" within the industries he invests, enacting changes where there is room for growth, efficiency and a better user/client experience.     



The Traina Companies are primarily supported by, and focused on, the ownership and operations of:

  • Traina Development Group, a real estate investment, development and property management firm.
  • Central Construction & Contracting, a General Contractor and Construction Manager specializing in the Healthcare sector with over $3 Billion worth of construction generated ithroughout the United States.
  • InteleTravel.com, a national leader and innovator in internet travel sales for the luxury travel market with more than 50,000 agents in over 32 countries worldwide.
  • Hickory Global Partners, a leading travel management services company, providing innovative services, distribution and technologies to its network of travel agencies, corporate travel departments and supplier partners 
  • Page 63 at Main, Page 63 at Main is a restaurant and catering hall located in the Hamptons of NY and is rooted in local history that only serves locally farmed produce and locally caught fish.  The restaurant also has its own on-site aquaponic gardens that grows its own eco-friendly, nutrient enriched, organic produce. 
  • BusinessTravel.com, the home for the unmanaged traveler. The travel site serves as a one-stop shop for employees to search and book airfare and hotel rooms, all in one place.

How We Got Here 

The Traina Companies' reputation for ingenuity, professionalism, and passion for new challenges are traits the firm inherited from its founder, Joe Traina Sr. 

Joe came of age during New York City’s real estate renaissance—a period that helped revitalize Manhattan and inspired a wave of future developers. Joe, who was raised by immigrant parents in Brooklyn, hoped to leave his mark on his beloved city, but he first had to climb the ranks and prove his worth. And he did just that—all the while planting the seeds of what would become The Traina Companies. 

Joe’s ingenuity became apparent during his time as a floor manager for Arlen Realty Group, which owned EJ Korvettes, a major department store founded in 1948. One day, Joe single-handedly reorganized the store, shifting divisions and incorporating new ones. His bosses were shocked. They demanded to know who was responsible. Joe fessed up, but instead of being lectured he was told to repeat his changes at other locations across the nation. As a result, Joe revolutionized the retail industry. 

Although this is but a brief snapshot of Joe’s career, this particular moment proved revelatory. Joe possessed a vision for how organizations should operate and the entrepreneurial spirit to get things done. He eventually landed high-profile positions at Modell’s Sporting Goods and Lazard Development Corporation before building his own firm. 

Fast forward a few decades and The Traina Companies has become a respected boutique real estate and investment firm. Joe bought a failing travel company and revolutionized it, along with the rest of the burgeoning travel and technology industry. With investments in healthcare and construction outfits, Joe has passed on that enterprising spirit to the entire company. 

As we enter a new decade, The Traina Companies is primed for future growth as it fully leverages technology to support both its travel brands, as well as to continually enhance its principled real estate investments and developments.

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Where We Are Today

The Traina Companies is primed for future growth across multiple industries, including travel and technology and real estate. 

Under Joe’s leadership, the firm in 2019 launched BusinessTravel.com, adding to its already impressive travel-tech portfolio. Its travel and tech partners already include Tco’s flagship leisure travel brand InteleTravel.com and Hickory Global Partners, a corporate travel affiliate that manages nearly $700 million in global travel sales annually.

Traina Development Group, a real estate investment, development and property management firm, remains steadfast in its commitment to strategic investments. 

TDG currently has more than 2 million sq. ft. of development underway and/or in the pipeline, and continues to invest in highly researched cash-flowing assets where there is value-add opportunity.

With each new acquisition or development, The Traina Companies continues to add to its story—characterized by ambition, pushing boundaries, and a willingness to compete across industries.

  • Joe and Doriann get married in Brooklyn, NY and start their journey in life together.
  • Joe is hired by Arlen Realty to transform existing retail portfoilios, & locate/acquire new locations.
  • Joe is hired by Bill Modell, of Modell Sporting Goods, to enhance existing real estate portfoilio as well as buy, develop new lands for mixed-use projects.
  • Joe is hired by Lazard Freres, to be a partner and the President of Lazards Real Estate Development division.
  • Joe creates The Traina Companies to pursue his own real estate initiatives, and also to diversify his own portfoilio.
  • Joe acquires Worldview International, a San Diego based travel commpany, and transforms it into Inteletravel.com (a pioneer in on-line travel services)
  • Joe meets Brian Tracy, CEO Tracy International, and begins a long friendship and partnership across multiple industries.
  • Joe joint ventures with longtime friend Francesco Galesi, Chairman and CEO of Galesi Group, for certain projects.
  • TCo has completed over 10,000,000 SF of development and construction including BRAC projects, healthcare, and commercial/industrial acquisitions.
  • Joe acquires Hickory Global Partners, saving a new 30 year old corporate travel agency from Bankruptcy and returning it to the status of an industry leader
  • Joe acquires a historic property and restaurant in Sag Harbor, NY and incorporates Aquaponic Farming and a Catering Hall.
  • Joe creates BusinessTravel.com with the sights on capturing the unmanaged business travel for small businesses, etc.
  • Joe & The Traina Companies continue to be leaders in the real estate development industries, while investing into its burgeoning Travel/Tecnology interests.

Management Team

Joseph R. Traina

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Lori Currier

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer


Joseph R. Traina, Jr.

President and Chief Operating Officer


James R. Ferrara

Partner, President


Chris Dane

Partner, President


Richard Simone

Partner, President


John W. Dickerson

General Counsel


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